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Welcome to a life changing as we, your Thermador Appliance Repair professionals are right here to cater to your every need, at just the click of a button. Being a renowned name and service provider, we believe in providing the best aid for our customers, when it comes to providing a quick fix solution for all household appliances related troubles. Thermador Repair Group believe in providing a wholesome experience of quality repair of Thermador appliances. With our services being operational 24/7, round the clock, we believe in keeping our customers first.

Gone are the days when you had to second your commitments to ensure a fix for your household appliances. In this era, we your service providers make sure that you get the best possible repair service, whenever you want it. With highly trained experts carrying years of professional experience with them, Thermador repair has never been better. It is time that you put on your best dancing shoes and brace yourselves to prepare for that party for homecoming. Let the appliances’ malfunctioning no longer be an obstacle in stopping you from throwing that party.

We provide a complete warranty of our repair services. Therefore, if at all, you find yourselves in a predicament again; our service experts shall be there to help you out at the earliest.


We all know it by now, that when it comes to luxury and unmatched comfort, it is Thermador above every other brand. However, even premium products and appliances have an expiration date. Therefore, they need to be maintained and handled with care. Refrigerator is a must in all households. However, they are also prone to excessive wearing and tearing which can damage them. But don’t you worry! Coz’ you have to sit back and relax, in the meantime let the Thermador appliance repair experts bear the guerdon of finding the best fix for that refrigerator.


And isn’t a dull and boring day made all better and happy with a glass of rose wine. It would break our hearts to see that our customers cannot enjoy and savour their Penne Arrabiata with a cold glass of wine. Therefore, for all the Thermador wine cooler repair troubles, be assured, as your trust lies with the ones who have made it their mission to be of utmost help to our customers.


Have problems with your cooktop being troubling you for the longest time? Well, seems like today has got to be your lucky day then, as the Thermador cooktop repair services will make sure that you get all your troubles put off with an instant repair. You will be surprised to know the speed at which our service executives arrive after your first phone call! It is whish! Whoosh! Whoa! And your cooktop is back to the grind, just the way you want it to be.


All we crave for the whole day while being at work, is a sumptuous meal, served hot and with love. However, that might not entirely be the case, especially when there are problems with your Thermador stove. Therefore, it is time to put aside everything else and get started with dialing us, so that you don’t have to order food from outside even for another day and cook whatever you like once the Thermador stove repair is done and dusted.


We also specialize in providing solutions to fixing that Thermador freezer of yours. It is a one rooftop full of solutions for your Thermador range of appliances. Therefore, don’t let you wallow in the valley of despair and get your freezer repair done today with the most affordable service providers.


An oven is mandatory, especially in the modern day lifestyle where all that matters to us, is the comfort of being able to enjoy a good meal. There are so many dishes that don’t taste authentic until baked in the Thermador oven, thus what is the wait for? The professional expertise that you find here will help you fulfill all of the other objectives and be a happy person to enjoy your appetite.

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Our team of expert technicians at Thermador Repair Group can help you in repairing all Thermador kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, cook tops, ranges, stoves, and more.