Thermador is one of the best appliance brands for kitchen appliances. They produced excellent quality and durable appliances such as the Thermador oven, with great features that will help properly cook. You can also choose different types, such as electric wall ovens.

However, even a high-end appliance also needs an oven repair service technician to fix the possible issues that the appliance might have. Even a high-end oven like Thermador can still be prone to issues that will let you know through their error codes.

Thermador Repair Group in Los Angeles has a team of expertly trained technicians who can properly assess the appliance issue with the help of the error codes displayed in your oven, such as the E215 error code. This will let them know the main cause of the problem and how to properly fix it. The team also uses the right tools and equipment for the proper repair of the appliance and has it fixed.

If you happen to see an E215 error code on your Thermador oven, the lower portion of the oven detects that the temperature is too high. This issue involves different parts of the oven that might be faulty or needs to be replaced, such as the following:

  • Electronic Oven Control Board
  • Wire Harness
  • Lower Oven Temperature Sensor

You can try to fix the error by disconnecting the electrical power and replacing the electronic control board if the appliance is overheated due to the defective electronic oven control board. If the code appears when the oven is not overheating, disconnect the electrical power to the oven and check the wire harness connection on the lower portion of the oven temperature sensor. Ensure to reconnect any loose wires or replace the wire harness if it is damaged. If it shows that it is okay, check the lower oven temperature sensor resistance by using a multimeter. Also, it must have 1080 ohms of resistance at 70 degrees. If the resistance is off, the lower oven temperature must be replaced. If the sensor resistance and the wire harness are okay, you should replace the electronic oven control board.

If the error persists or you cannot fix the problem with the right tools for the repair, consider calling a professional repair service like Thermador Repair Group. This is to ensure that the fix will be done correctly using the proper tools and equipment designed for the repair process. The repair technicians’ knowledge, skills, and techniques ensure that a proper diagnosis will be made to help determine the main cause and apply the right solution to it. 

Error codes in the Thermador oven indicate that it needs a proper assessment and immediate repair. If you notice this with your Thermador oven, contact Thermador Repair Group to have it fixed right away.