In order to enjoy an uninterrupted culinary endeavour it is very important that your Thermador home appliances continue to function without any hindrance. For instance when we talk about the malfunctioning of Thermador freezer, there is one common problems that one may come across for which you might need the assistance of a pro solution provider- the Thermador freezer repair service experts.

That problem can be identified as that your Thermador freezer runs all the time. If this is the problem that you have been facing for the longest time, there are 9 possible solutions for it as well.

Temperature Control Thermostat in the Freezer needs to be placed

When the temperature control thermostat does not work properly, it causes the freezer to run continuously. The solution for this is pretty simple as it requires your freezer control thermostat to be replaced with a new one.

Problems with Condenser Fan Motor of the Freezer

Many a times due to obstructions and hindrances, the fan blade of the condenser might not work properly. While at times those obstructions can be removed manually or the fan’s motor bearings become worn out and need replacement. Therefore you would require expertise of the Thermador freezer repair experts to do so.

Issues with the Freezer Evaporator Fan Motor

If there have been continuous issues while your freezer door is closed and the evaporator fan is not working despite the door switch been activated, then you need to consider the option of replacing the evaporator fan motor.

Defrost Heater Assembly Would Not Work

The defrost heater installed in the freezer ensures to melt away the excess frost as it keeps doing so several times in a day. However, if the defrost coils are frosted over, it will lead to a slowdown in the cooling capacity of the freezer. In order to ensure that this does not happen, a sole option exists that is to change the defrost heater assembly with a new one.

Condenser Coils Wouldn’t Dissipate Heat

When the condenser coils are dirty they will not be able to dissipate heat effectively. Hence it is very important to clean them once every six months. If you cannot access the condenser coils, then a little help from the experts of the Thermador freezer repair will ensure that you get the best fix at the most affordable rates.To get an appointment, please call us at 855-920-0838