Dishwashers are one of the helpful kitchen appliances to conveniently wash the dishes and also allow you to save time. Nowadays, you can find several modern dishwashers with great features, designs, styles and types you can choose from, such as the Thermador appliance. Even if they are modern dishwashers, they are still prone to some issues that will need a dishwasher appliance repair service to properly address the concerns.

Thermador Appliance Repair Zone in Cincinnati is one of the area’s trusted and reliable repair service companies for Sub Zero products. Authorized repair service with years of providing quality repairs to many homes regarding repairing needs of their Sub Zero appliance. A team of professionally trained repair technicians, licensed and experienced, to work on any minor or major issues that you might face with the appliance. Most modern appliances like the dishwasher can display error codes to let you know that there is something with the appliance. This is also a helpful way where the repair technician will be able to diagnose the problem and do the necessary fix.

Wherever you are located and need an expert repair service for your Thermador appliance, Thermador Appliance Repair Zone  is here to help and offer quality Thermador Appliance Repair in San Diego. You can get the best repairs for your appliance even if you are in different areas of San Diego.

Initially, when you see an error code on your dishwasher, the first thing that you may think of is to reset the appliance. Resetting can help to clear out the error code, but this doesn’t apply all the time. If the reset doesn’t restart your dishwasher, it will need additional troubleshooting to get fixed or cleared. 

Most of the error codes signify an issue with the dishwasher that needs to be addressed. Performing the reset without troubleshooting the issue will likely result in the code returning, or if not, it will persist. An example of the common dishwasher issues where reset alone won’t help, such as:

Dishwasher Doesn’t Start: This could happen because the door is not completely closed, and the reset won’t fix it.

Dishwasher Won’t Turn On: Especially if the appliance is newly installed, it is likely to be an issue with the installation process. In that case, you should review the installation and let the expert take over.

Drain Issue: You will see this as the error code e24. It is something to do with how the drain hose is installed, and again, resetting the appliance won’t fix the issue, and it is important to take care of the drain hose first.

Other Dishwasher Error Codes: Different error codes can happen, needing proper troubleshooting. For example, the E18 indicates an issue with the water flowing into your dishwasher. 

To find out how to properly clear the error codes of the dishwasher, you can refer to your user manual or seek assistance with a professional repair service.

Error codes in a dishwasher are an indication that there is an issue happening with the appliance that requires to be checked. If you have difficulty clearing this out, contact Thermador Appliance Repair Zone to assist you.