Thermador is one of the trusted appliance brands producing top-quality kitchen appliances like ovens for many years. You can choose from different types, styles, and designs that will compliment your preferences and the design of your kitchen area. Using a high-end appliance can also be convenient with its innovative features. However, there are some instances that you might face some problems with the appliance which will require a professional oven & stove appliance repair.

If you need an expert to help you fix the oven problem, you can always count on Thermador Appliance Repair Zone in Arlington Heights. An authorized repair service that has provided services to Arlington Heights residential and commercial areas for many years. A team of licensed, professionally trained repair technicians and experienced in handling the repairs of any Thermador appliance model such as the oven. 

Even if you are in different areas and looking for a trusted repair service for Thermador appliances, it is fortunate to find a certified Thermador Appliance Repair Service in Jacksonville. Thermador appliances can be complex and need to be properly handled to ensure that each of its parts and components is in good working condition and do the right fix if necessary. 

A modern appliance like Thermador has an option to let you know that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed. The error codes will allow a repair technician to determine that can help determine what part of the appliance requires to be checked and fixed. Each of the error codes indicates a specific part that has a problem. An example is the F24 error code, meaning that the touch input key is stuck. When you see this error code, it can also indicate that the control panel was pushed or touched longer than 60 seconds. The error code will also happen when leaning against the oven or hanging objects in front of the controls.

Anything can have caused the problem with your oven, which could indicate that its touchpad is already going weak due to constant pressing or is made from low-grade quality material. Replacing the relay board and touch panel may be needed to fix this issue with your Thermador oven. Another way is to press the Oven Off key to help clear the display and reset the oven. However, if an F followed by the two numbers is displayed, wait at least 3 minutes and turn the oven on.

If the error code F24 displays, it is best to let a professional repair technician handle it like Thermador Appliance Repair Zone. This is to ensure that it is properly diagnosed to help determine what causes the issue and apply the needed fix.

If you notice that your Thermador oven shows an error code, it is best to let Thermador Appliance Repair Zone experts help you. Call us to schedule an appointment for the repair.