When it comes to kitchen appliances, the Thermador appliance is one of the best choices. You can find different types, styles, and designs with great features that will help you cook, such as the Thermador oven. You can also find different Thermador ovens reviews from other customers on their experience using the appliance.

Although Thermador ovens are known for their quality and durability, they are still prone to some issues which need immediate attention. An oven repair technician will help determine what causes the problem and do the necessary fix. The oven’s error codes will be a big advantage in identifying what causes the problem with the appliance.

Entrusting the repair needs of your Thermador appliance is vital. One of the trusted repair service companies for kitchen appliances is Thermador Repair Group in Oakland, a repair service company with professionally trained repair technicians with years of experience providing high-quality and reliable repairs for any Thermador appliance such as the Thermador oven. A thorough diagnosis will be made to help identify what causes the problem. A high-end oven also has an option to display an error code which will let you know that there is something wrong that will need to be repaired immediately.

One of the common error codes that you might encounter is the F64. This indicates that the lower oven cooling fan air switch is not detected. Depending on the series break, the sensor for the fan could be built into the cooling fan, meaning it will need to replace the fan to fix the issue. In fixing the said error code, replacing some of its parts might be needed, such as the air switch and cooling fan. You will also need to check the connections and P6 on the PCB control display.

To fix this issue, you must pull out the unit completely and remove its back panel. Ensure that you have the right part that is certified for the Thermador oven model you are using to ensure that it will fit and won’t cause any problem when the oven is in use. 

If you are unsure how to fix the error and have no tools available to have this checked, you can always refer to Thermador Repair Group. The repair service company is always available to serve you for same-day repair services or to schedule an appointment for the repair. The repair technician is always equipped with the tools and equipment needed along with the certified parts ready to be used. A detailed repair will be provided so that you will know what will be the course of action that will be implemented to fix your Thermador oven. If you are looking for a professional repair service to fix your Thermador oven, you can always call Thermador Repair Group to assist you.